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Fiduciary Services

So as to provide a complete range of  Fiduciary services A.G.Georghiou Ltd through independent firms  offers  a range of fiduciary services to its international clients so as to enable them to operate efficiently.

These services include:
  • ·Appointment of Corporate Director
  • ·Provision of Nominee Shareholders
  • ·Appointment of Company Secretary
  • ·Provision of Registered Office
  • ·Appointment of Bank Signatories
For more information on the above please contact us

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide you with the right, fresh ideas  with round-the-clock personal  approach, attention to every detail, clear response to problems and anticipation of developments before they arise.

Contact Us

16, Annis Komninis, P.O.Box 21480,    1060, Nicosia, Cyprus info@aggeorghiou.com.cy


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